Turtle Care

To keep your turtle healthy there are some basic husbandry requirements that need to be adhered to  (such as water quality,  adequate ultra violet light, food etc.)

All you need to know is fully explained in Craig Latta's comprehensive "Care Guide for Australian Freshwater Turtles in Captivity" and should be followed closely.

This can be downloaded by clicking  caring for Australian FW Turtles in Captivity.pdf

Helpful books:
"Keeping Short-Necked Turtles" or "Keeping Long Necked Turtles" - by Daren Green
"Australian Freshwater Turtles" - by John Cann

For Vets in the Sydney Metro Area known to have a full understanding of turtles (should you need them), we recommend:

David Vella Exotics Vet
64 Atchison Street Crows Nest 2065 - Phone 9436 4884

South Penrith Veterinary Clinic
126 Stafford Street Penrith 2750 - Phone 4721 4796

Dr. Michelle Bingley - Will call to your house in the Sydney, Hawkesbury / Penrith and Central Coast area.
Phone 0406 319 315 or 0404 083 522







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