Feeding Your Turtle

Diet should be varied as much as possible.

Feed your turtle once per day, a piece of food the size of it's head, until it's 12 months old.

Over 12 month feed only three days per week.


  • Frozen Blood Worms
  • Freshwater Fish, Guppies are live breeders and will give you a continual supply
  • Dried Cat Food, made from fish
  • Turtle Pellets, formulated for Australian Turtles
  • Chopped Yabbies &/Or Freshwater Prawns with the head removed
  • Live Feeder Fish
  • Frozen Turtle Dinner
  • Koi Fish Pellets
  • Roaches & Insects
  • Aquatic Plants
  • Water Snails

Plants and snails are an additional food source and also help to maintain a healthy water balance.

If you need to go away for a few days add some extra Feeder Fish to your tank.







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