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In the 50's, my father would bring home turtles he found on country roads. These were kept in the back garden, played with for hours and given a swim in the laundry tub from time to time. Eventually they would wonder off to the nearby creek.

There was little known about the care and wellbeing of these amazing creatures back then. Nor was there any restriction on taking native turtles from the wild.

Since then my interest has developed to the stage where we have outdoor ponds, basking areas and nesting sites that are similar to the turtles natural habitat.

Turtle eggs are removed from their nests and placed in an incubator, to ensure a better survival rate than those left to hatch naturally outside.

Once the Baby Turtles are hatched they are kept in indoor aquariums.  They are then closely watched to make sure they are  healthy and eating well.

As a result we are able to supply strong baby turtles knowing they're free from any health problems.

These are:
           Murray River Short Necked Turtles
           (Emydura Macquarii Macquarii) NPWS code E2034
           Eastern Long-Necked Turtles
           (Chelodina Longicollis) NPWS code C2017

We will deliver to the Sydney Metro Area.

Trade enquires welcome

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