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Australian Freshwater Turtles are extremely fascinating and interactive animals. And one of the easiest pets to keep.

The majority of turtles kept in captivity are Macquarie Short Neck Turtles or Murray River Short Neck Turtles and Eastern Long Neck Turtles.

Baby turtles or hatchlings are often referred to as Penny Turtles.

Turtles will slowly grow to 25cm, it takes them 8 years to mature.

Well cared for turtles will live for 40 years or more in captivity.


We are licensed to keep and breed turtles in NSW.

Breeding both Macquarie Short Neck Turtles and Eastern Long Neck Turtles.

Baby Turtles are available for sale most of the year. With free delivery to Sydney Metro Area.


Unwanted turtles are accepted and given a good home.

Human dependent turtles released into the wild have little chance of survival and could be a threat to native turtle populations.




Be aware: "Turtle keeping is addictive"!









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